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Solid Accountant - Practical


The purpose of this application is to demonstrate storing a payment pointer in the WebID of the user. This payment pointer can then be used to initiate payments to the WMP as mandated by the subscription sanctioned by the user.


To use the application you are required to log in to a Solid pod. Once authenticated with your WebID, open the subpage Payment pointers.

This will present you with a table that contains all your stored payment pointers (read from your WebID). From here you can add or remove payment pointers as you see fit.


The Accountant application can be started via Docker Compose:

  1. Clone the repository: git clone
  2. Open the root repository folder, where the docker-compose.yml file is located: cd solid-web-monetization
  3. Execute docker-compose up -d
  4. Browse to http://wallet.localhost


Solid indentity providers

Although this application has support for different solid pod providers, the other applications only support pods.
That is why you should create a solid pod over at to carry on.

The other supported identity providers for this application are:


Payment Pointers are a standardized identifier for payment accounts. In the same way that an email address provides an identifier for a mailbox in the email ecosystem, a payment pointer is used by an account holder to share the details of their account with a counter-party. [source]

Payment pointers can be resolved to a (https scheme) URL. Under that URL Open Payments endpoints can be discovered. They allow for payments to be received or initiated to the owner of said payment pointer.

Your WebID

A WebID is a unique identifier used to identify a specific user. An example of what a WebID could look like is: https://fulano.pod.provider/profile/card#me. To share data with a third party, a user associates sharing preferences to the WebID of that third party. [source]

The content of your WebID is typically stored in RDF and thus must be written to in RDF. This is exactly what this application demonstrates. (See technical...)